Item Type Video Recording
Title Bhishtis – the traditional water carriers of India
Abstract In India, Bishtis – the water carriers were an important part of Indian villages. The job being passed from generation to generation, they carried water for the entire village using earthen pots slung on a bamboo pole or in a leather pouch also known as Mashak generally made of goat skin and carrying 30-40 gallons of water. There are some areas in Old Delhi like the Jama Masjid where Bishtis still exist. In this day and age, in a city like New Delhi, can you imagine that water is still carried and dispensed/sold in a leather bag made from an entire animal with its legs tied up to prevent leakage? Mohammad Rashid is a khaandaani bhishti of Jama Masjid i.e. he belongs to an old family of bhishtis, and has been in this business for the last 3-4 years. His forefathers were also in this trade and he works all day in the scorching heat, running up and down filling water from the wells of the Dargah and supplying it in the local markets. The water is generally used to fill up water coolers and Rashid charges Rs 10 or less than 20 cents for every round he takes from the well to the local markets of Jama Masjid.
Studio Wilderness films India