Item Type Film
Title Coral Reefs in Gujarat
Director Sai J, Siva
Abstract Gujarat, one of the arid states in Indian sub-continent is a home for the major climate change indicator-Coral Reefs. An irony, which can only be explained as evolution. The coral reefs in Gujarat has been identified as the most adapted corals in the whole of Indian Ocean. The corals survive in spite of the harsh climatic conditions in Gujarat. Several taxonomists have claimed that Gujarat was once a heaven for Coral reefs and due to sudden tidal influx the corals have gradually depleted over years. Indian government have organised a coral transplantation program and have managed to transplant corals from other Coral Zones in India. Coral Reefs are the primary producers which maintain balance in Marine ecology, but in Gujarat various human interferences deploy more pressure and stress to the most adapted corals in the world. This might affect the marine ecology of Gulf of Kutch. This film documents various human interactions with coral reefs which affects their survival and evolution in Gulf Of Kutch.
Genre Documentary
Format mov
Running Time 3 minutes and 40 seconds
Language English
Short Title Coral Reefs in Gujarat
Tags ·         Coral reefs


·         Gujarat


·         Gulf of Kutch

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