Item Type Book
Title Pune: Queen of the Deccan
Author Diddee, J.
Author Gupta, S.
Author Bhandare, S.
Abstract A Medieval City Of Indigenous Origin, Pune Has Seen Many Ups And Downs. It Has Been Attacked And Virtually Razed To The Ground Several Times Only To Rise Again With Renewed Vigor. Pune`S Urban Design Is Thus A Rich Tapestry Of Historical Events: First A Fortified Garrison Town Under Bahamani Control, It Was Later Transfered To Chhatrapati Shivaji When Kasba The Old Core Came Into Prominence. The City Of Peths, A Quaint Cellular Urban Form, Was Developed By The Peshwas. It Symbolizes The Culture Of Brahmanical Dominance. The British Takeover In 1817 Gave The Place A Dual Identity. The City Of Wades- A Product Of Traditional Maharashtrian Culture And Ethos And The Camp- A Colonial Transplant With An Orderly Development Of Clearly Delineated Functional Zones: With Bungalows And Parade Grounds, Recreation Spaces, Shopping Areas And Some Monumental Public Buildings. Post-British Pune Thus Developed Two Distinct Identities: The `City` As The Citadel Of The Marathi Speaking People From All Over Maharashtra, And The Camp Which Became A Melting Pot For People From All Over India. Today, The Camp Functions As The Green Lung For The Overcrowded Cit
Publisher Elephant Design Pvt. Limited
Date 2000
ISBN 978-81-87693-00-0
Extra LCCN: 99952156