Item Type Book
Title Vanguards of Globalization: Port-cities from the Classical to the Modern
Author Mukherjee, R.
Abstract Vanguards of Globalization: Port-Cities from the Classical to the Modern looks at the historical evolution of port-cities from emporion to gateway and interrogates their nature over time. This volume studies specific port-cities such as Barbarikon, Chaul, Porto Novo, Madras, Nagasaki, and Sitangkai, and more generally the ports around the Erythraean Sea, the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic, Portuguese, Andhra, Bengal and Vietnamese coasts. In doing so, the contributors celebrate the hybridity and cosmopolitanism that port-cities offer and discuss the wider implications of cross-cultural competition, port-hinterland dynamics as well as themes, problems and textual evidence about port-cities and how they link to ports today.
Series Issues in history
Publisher Primus Books
Date 2014
ISBN 978-93-80607-94-8
Extra LCCN: 2014356946