The term ‘Living Waters’ reflects the diversity, dynamism, and continuity of water. Not only is water the source of life, the cultural services provided by water have shaped civilizations across India, inspiring art and architecture, stories, myths, folklore, rituals, poems, songs, movies, dance forms, etc. Timeless in nature, from the Himalayas to the oceans, flowing across rivers and plains, water sustains us, in our homes and communities, our faiths and ritual practices, through trade and navigation – water is our elixir.


The word ‘Museum’ is typically associated with the preservation of the past, old relics, stuffy and dusty spaces. Through this virtual platform, we aim to redefine the concept of a static museum as an interactive space with the use of web-based tools and technologies to engage youth and children.We hope to complement the virtual world with outreach activities at schools and public places to raise awareness of our water heritage. And in doing so, make the links with water justice and sustainability.


In September 2014, our lead curator, Sara Ahmed visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts where there was an exhibition on Islamic art which included various artefacts on water, from pots and water carriers to beautifully tiled fountains…

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This is an extensive and ambitious long-term project and we  are inviting individuals and institutions in building the visual platform by sharing your ideas, stories, photographs, visual stories, etc under following themes

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Meet The Team

Sara Ahmed, PhD
Sara Ahmed, PhD

Lead Curator

Sara has over 25 years of applied research experience on water, livelihoods and social equity. She has been actively engaged in teaching and mentoring young development professionals in India, managing large and complex regional research portfolios on water, food security and climate change in Asia, and advising a range of development organisations and water networks globally. Sara holds a PhD in Environmental Sociology from the University of Cambridge and is currently on the board of WaterAid, India. She has published extensively on water governance and her last co-edited book is entitled, Diverting the Flow: Gender Equity and Water in South Asia (2012).

Priyanka Kumari
Priyanka Kumari

Art and Design Coordinator

Priyanka graduated as a Communication Designer from National Institute of Fashion Technology and went on to do her post-graduation in Photography Design (Visual Communication Design) from National Institute of Design. She has an interest and joy for discovering ideas to make any thought more accessible through creative and playful visuals. Her major interest lies in making short films, animation and photo essays with a deep and passionate appreciation for beauty in the natural world and within the human spirit. She got connected with the Living Waters Museum during her Post-Graduation project on lakes in Bangalore, which is now featured in the Museum. Thereafter, she joined LWM in September 2018 and is currently working as an Art and Design coordinator where she combines varied visual skills in art and design to work in the field of water heritage and practices.

Bhargav Padhiyar
Bhargav Padhiyar

Research & Design Consultant 

Bhargav Padhiyar studied Masters of Design (in New Media) at National Institute of Design, India. He loves to explore his skills of research & design using new media in context of Heritage and Traditional Crafts. He began his explorations from his graduation project where he worked on “How new technologies can enhance traditional craft practices” which was sponsored by Ford Foundation Grant at National Institute of Design. He is keen about exploring the domains of smart heritage experiences. Continuing his interest of research and design, Bhargav joined the Living Waters Museum as a research and design consultant.

Former Members

Ar. Amit Tandon
Ar. Amit Tandon

Research Associate

Amit graduated as an Architect from Pune and did his post graduation in Water Policy and Governance from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. He gets his entrepreneurial outlook being a fellow at School of Social Entrepreneurs, India. He has an eclectic range of interests from volunteerism, travelling, photography, facilitation, exploring culinary skills etc. He has worked in various settings such as assisting research for post-occupancy analysis, green building rating system, child rights, drought assessment etc. He worked as a Research Associate for Living Waters Museum; and contributed by combining his skills of architecture, water and entrepreneurship.

Swarnika Nimje
Swarnika Nimje

Design Intern

Swarnika Nimje was a final year student at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad pursuing her B.Des. in Exhibition Design. Her work involves designing exhibitions and museum learning experiences. She joined the LWM team in January 2018 and designed a multi-media exhibition and outreach activities on water-related utensils, food and cultural practices in Gujarat.

Shalvi Suman
Shalvi Suman

Research Intern

Shalvi Suman joined the team as a research intern in January 2018. She has a degree in Interior Design from Sardar Patel University, Anand (2017). She began her research journey at the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar while working on an architectural and anthropological research titled, ‘Kutch Architecture: Merging Borders’. Her curiosity lies in exploring the historical connection of heritage, both tangible and intangible, with people.


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