“Jal me sheher, Sheher me Jal” –  Reflecting on the water of a transforming city through art, play and dialogues.

The Living Waters Museum, an emerging digital platform on water heritage and the arts, in association with Project Otenga, a multi modal cafe and an experimental food design studio presented “Jal me Sheher, Sheher me Jal”.

An event that seeks to create participatory experiences through dialogues around the “water” in our city by looking at our past and the present. The collective experiences of watching films and playing games did embark on a personal journey to reflect on the role of water in everyday transforming lives. This event was organized in association with Project Otenga.


As part of Jal me Sheher, Sheher me Jal we screened multiple films eventually building up a dialogue around the water and the city. Four films were showcased first film was on the founder of Veechar Utensil Museum and the story of Mr. Surendrabhai Patel which was directed by Rajoo Barot, “A Virtual Water” animated video film made on invisible consumption of water by Swarnika Nimje, Two film on the research and story of Sabarmati River by Shalvi Suman were featured. The screening was followed by interesting discussions.


“Jal me Sheher, Sheher me Jal” also featured multiple interactive experiences. One of the interactive installation named ‘FishFloat’ by Vishwa Patel was featured where people can interact with abstract living entities inside water and learn about the impacts of human – nature interaction and relationships. Two games created by Swarnika Nimje were also put up on display. One was a card game, to decode the amount of water consumed in the everyday food and second, was a game inspired from Veechar Utensil Museum’s collection. A game inspired from the water droplets was designed by Swapnesh Samaiya, this was also displayed and enjoyed by many participants.