Gujarat summer is famous for its temperature. Hot weather, late setting sun and summer vacation for kids, such reasons help in adding to the popularity of water parks. Water amusement parks often promise entertainment, World standards, refreshing vacation and a perfect destination for a great time with dear ones. In the pretense of making their kids enjoy summer, families step out from their routine into environments that break away from the concept of their reality. Seeking escape from the mundane, and yearning for celebration and leisure of fantasy land…

‘The Water Parks’ is documentation of gigantic constructed landscapes which are designed to create tropical escapes for people.

For me, two words that describe water parks are: Monumental and Momentary. Monumental, because of the scale of these gigantic structures. And momentary because of the limited time of joy and feeling of being entitled. These huge candy-colored structures, filled with chlorine water and loud music provide that break from their reality. These manmade landscapes and slides provide a momentary escape. These spaces allow one to feel privileged and experience leisure of being around water.

From chipped paint to four feet big smiling animal forms with feet covered of carbonated salts, the irony lies deep within these structures and their making. Being here is like indulging in a street side magician’s trick of getting out of reality for some time.